What is a Backyard Home?

Small fully functional building added to a site with an existing residential structure. Backyard homes can be custom designed for a variety of purposes.

Every home and homeowner is unique. That is why we offer a wide array of different styles and sizes of backyard homes to help you find the perfect one to meet your personal requirements. Choose a home or let us design a backyard home to meet your needs.

Backyard Homes Uses: Let Western HomeBuilders build a backyard home to meet your needs:

  • Income Property
  • Guest House
  • Age in Place – Caregivers live in the backyard home
  • Man or Woman Cave
  • Pool House
  • Office
  • Guest House

Can we can build a backyard home on your lot?

Maybe. California passed Assembly Bill AB 1866 that requires local agencies to permit second dwelling units meeting zoning setbacks in residential zones subject only to a building permit. Other items to consider are homeowners association requirements and site constraints.

Western Homebuilders will prepare a preliminary feasibility and cost estimate at no charge to you.

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