Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Start?

The first step is to determined if a Back Yard home can be built on your lot. Western Home Builders will prepare a preliminary feasibility study for your specific lot and city requirements. There is no charge or commitment for this service. Once it is determined that a backyard home is feasible, you will choose your plan and features. Western Home Builder's will determine the cost for the Backyard Home. After the feasibility and cost has been determined to be acceptable, Western Home Builders will enter into a contract to build the backyard home.

How much does a Back Yard Home Cost?

Many factors play into the cost of your backyard home, including plan selection, site specific cost and permit fees. You will have a firm cost at the time of the contract. The final cost could range from $20,000 for a basic structure to $100,000 for a larger full feature back yard home.

What is AB 1866?

AB 1866 (Chapter 1062, Statutes of 2002) amends two sections of Government Code to encourage the creation of second-units,

"The Legislature finds and declares that second units are a valuable form of housing in California. Second units provide housing for family members, students, the elderly, in-home health care providers, the disabled, and others, at below market prices within existing neighborhoods. Homeowners who create second units benefit from added income, and an increased sense of security. It is the intent of the Legislature that any second-unit ordinances adopted by local agencies have the effect of providing for the creation of second units and that provisions in these ordinances relating to matters including unit size, parking, fees and other requirements, are not so arbitrary, excessive, or burdensome so as to unreasonably restrict the ability of homeowners to create second units in zones in which they are authorized by local ordinance".

How long does it take to build a Back Yard Home?

The completion schedules range from 40 to 60 work days. After the home is started, Western Home Builders will have continuous progress towards completion. Our goal is to get in and out as quick as possible to minimize the disruption to you and your neighbors.

Can I match my existing home?

Yes, we will match your existing structure in color, materials and architectural elements.